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About Our Beans

We are very picky about our beans. Of the 32 coffee growing regions in Colombia, there are only five that meet our rigorous standards. Each bean is hand ­picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure the best flavor. Beans are inspected at each step of the way so that each cup of coffee brewed is the best coffee in the world. We only use coffee from the most recent harvest and our warehouses store the coffee carefully for maturity and stabilization to ensure the best aromas and flavors.

Roasting is not an exact science, and is more comparable to art. Our RoastMaster™ ensures quality and understands the nature of the coffee, roasting process properties, and temperature management. Depending upon the beans, the RoastMaster™ must be able to roast coffees along different roast curves. The roasting process is critical to the bean because it can change the entire taste of the coffee.

Cupping is the traditional procedure in the coffee industry to evaluate the quality of the sample of green coffee. Individual cups of different coffees are prepared according to established guidelines. Each cup of coffee is analyzed at various stages during the selection process. From the moment it is produced on the farm until it is sent to our customers, in order to guarantee its consistency, we take every opportunity to compare our samples.


Your coffee is indeed special. Don T.
I love your coffee. So much so in fact that I've been telling everyone about it.. John F.
We love the coffee! The flavor is delicious. Kelly B.
I never drink regular coffee because it gives me the shakes. I tried your coffee and guess what? No jitters! No shakes! It tastes great! Karen M.

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