Giving Back

Giving Back

Coffee of Origin believes our coffee can make the world a better place. We strive to be an active part of both Michigan and Colombia. As we grow, our efforts to give back will grow as well. In Michigan, we want to help create more jobs, support other entrepreneurial efforts, and encourage business at all levels.

Currently in Colombia, we offer informal education to our farmers, but hope to offer more formalized education as we continue to buy at above market prices (we pay a dollar more), and eventually send people to university.

Giving Back -


Your coffee is indeed special. Don T.
I love your coffee. So much so in fact that I've been telling everyone about it.. John F.
We love the coffee! The flavor is delicious. Kelly B.
I never drink regular coffee because it gives me the shakes. I tried your coffee and guess what? No jitters! No shakes! It tastes great! Karen M.

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