Our Business

Our Process

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    The Farm

    Excellent coffee comes down to excellent beans. That's why we buy directly from Colombian small family farms. There are only a select few farms that meet our rigorous standards for our coffee.

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    The Roaster

    The coffee we harvest from our small family farm is roasted in small batches of about 30 pounds. Controlling the size of the batch that is roasted allows us to deliver the perfect cup of coffee.

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    The Delivery

    The speed of delivery is essential to the distribution of the freshest coffee. All of our coffee is shipped from 48 - 72 hours after it has been roasted and prepared. 

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    The Perfect Cup of Coffee

    Our detailed process allows us to create a consistent cup of coffee that you won't find anywhere else. An intense fragrance evoking spices and aromatic chocolate scents, a medium body and a delicate acidity creates a fine balance which releases a sweet aroma, lasting flavor and pleasant soft, clean and lasting taste to the palate. 


Your coffee is indeed special. Don T.
I love your coffee. So much so in fact that I've been telling everyone about it.. John F.
We love the coffee! The flavor is delicious. Kelly B.
I never drink regular coffee because it gives me the shakes. I tried your coffee and guess what? No jitters! No shakes! It tastes great! Karen M.

Farm to your table in 45 days

Single Origin Beans

Non-GMO Beans

Roasted in small batches

Highest Quality Coffee

We do everything with you in mind