About Us

Coffee of Origin started as a year­long study of coffee and to find the best coffee available. Though the original business opportunity panned out, Carlos Sabbagh took his research and Colombian connections to create Coffee of Origin.

Now the company is based in metro Detroit, with all the coffee coming straight from Colombia. With the team spread from Michigan to Colombia, Coffee of Origin is a multinational endeavor.

Meet the Team

Carlos A. Sabbagh


Carlos is a Colombian who is passionate about great coffee. It was his study and trial that gave birth to the idea of Coffee of Origin. Along with Irma, he has developed the best coffee in the world.

Irma Mayorga


We call her our “coffee scientist” because she knows the perfect conditions and methodology for roasting the best whole bean Colombian coffee. She has been in the business of coffee for almost 20 years and works hard to create the unique (and perfect) Coffee of Origin taste.

Anamarie Sabbagh Brooks


Anamarie is the communications and tasting specialist of Coffee of Origin. She makes sure the good word of our great coffee is heard across the world. She's also a taste and brewing expert, making sure everyone she meets ends up with a cup of Coffee of Origin coffee in their hands.

Elizabeth Sutela


Liz holds the team at Coffee of Origin together. A transplant from Colombia, she shares the same love of great coffee and vision for the company.


Your coffee is indeed special. Don T.
I love your coffee. So much so in fact that I've been telling everyone about it.. John F.
We love the coffee! The flavor is delicious. Kelly B.
I never drink regular coffee because it gives me the shakes. I tried your coffee and guess what? No jitters! No shakes! It tastes great! Karen M.

Farm to your table in 45 days

Single Origin Beans

Non-GMO Beans

Roasted in small batches

Highest Quality Coffee

We do everything with you in mind